Founded in March 1995, CABINET M. OPROIU is a professional partnership of industrial property attorneys, engineers, chemists, physicists and attorneys-at-law, all specialized in the field of industrial property rights, based in the city of Bucharest, Romania.

    Filing Requirements and Forms for National Procedures

NOTE: The requirements below are only for information purposes. If you have a new application, please ask for specific advice, including information regarding the deadlines.


- Order Letter containing the following information: Name and address of the applicant; Name and address of the inventor(s); Title of the invention; Priority data: country, filing date, serial number of priority application.

- The specification, claims and drawings. In case of PCT application, the International Publication is sufficient. In most of the cases we can download it from the Internet.

- Power of Attorney, simply signed by the applicant. General Power of Attorney is admitted.

- Assignment Deed or Declaration of Inventor(s). Either document must be notarized.

- Priority Document (for applications claiming Paris Convention Priority from other country). If the document is not in English, French or German a translation in of any these languages will be required. For PCT Applications, this document is usually not required.

- For PCT applications International Search Report (PCT/ISA/210) and Written Opinion (PCT/ISA/237)


Download Power Patents

Download Declaration of Inventor-Patents



A request for validation of European Patents to Romania must be lodged within 3 (three) months from the Date of Publication of the mention of the Granted Patent. If the European Patent has the filing date on or after 1 March 2003, it is possible to lodge the request within an extended 3 (three months) calculated from the expiry of the first deadline with the payment of a surcharge.

In Romania, currently, the provisions of the London Agreement are not yet applicable. Hence the validation is requested with the full translation of the specification, reason for which the Order Letter must be sent to us in due time to allow time for translation.

- Order Letter with the specification of the granted patent (B1 or druck-exemplar). The specification could in principle be downloaded by us from the epoline.

- Copy of the Decision to Grant – Form 2006. This document can also be downloaded from the epoline.

- Power of Attorney. General Power of Attorney is admitted.


Download Power of Attorney Validation of European Patents

Download General Power of Attorney Validation of European Patents



Filing requirements for national applications and renewals:
- Order Letter with information regarding the applicant, the mark and the classes.
- Pictorial element (can be sent only by e-mail).
- Power of Attorney. General Power of Attorney is admitted.


Download Power of Attorney Trademarks



- Order Letter with information regarding the applicant, the author, the object of the application.
- A short description of the novelty elements;
- Images of the design/model. One single application can include up to 100 designs/models from the same Locarno class.
- Declaration of Novelty.
- Assignment/Declaration of Authors if the applicant is not the author.
- Power of Attorney.


Download Power of Attorney Designs

Declaration Novelty Designs

Declaration of Author Designs