Founded in March 1995, CABINET M. OPROIU is a professional partnership of industrial property attorneys, engineers, chemists, physicists and attorneys-at-law, all specialized in the field of industrial property rights, based in the city of Bucharest, Romania.

Elena Marin
Permanent Staff
Elena Marin


Romanian Patent Attorney, European Patent Attorney


Romanian, English, and she also understands German

Career History

Elena has joined the firm in  2001, after having worked
about 30 years as a Senior Patent Office Examiner in the division dealing with chemical and pharmaceutical patents.  Qualified as a Patent Attorney in 2002 and European Patent Attorney in 2003, retired partially from the current duties of a Patent Attorney in 2013, giving advice when complex matters arise.

Areas of Expertise

Drafting applications, filing, prosecution, and appeal procedures for national patents (including plant variety) with an emphasis on  chemistry, pharmacy as well as related legal opinions, litigations and searches. She offers an exceptionally wide perspective derived from long and varied experience in examination procedure.