Founded in March 1995, CABINET M. OPROIU is a professional partnership of industrial property attorneys, engineers, chemists, physicists and attorneys-at-law, all specialized in the field of industrial property rights, based in the city of Bucharest, Romania.

Mariana Popescu
Permanent Staff
Mariana Popescu


Romanian Patent Attorney


Romanian, English

Career History

Mariana is a Electro-Mechanical Engineer who joined the firm in July 2004, after having worked for 10 years a Research Institute in the Mechanical field. Patent attorney since 2009,  trainee for European Qualifying Examination in the near future.

Areas of Expertise

Filing, prosecution, procedures for national patents as well as filing of international applications, filing and prosecution of European patents, all in the field of mechanics and electricity.


Romanian Chamber of Patent and Trademark Attorneys; EPI Student since 2012 (Institute of Professional Representatives before European Patent Office)