Founded in March 1995, CABINET M. OPROIU is a professional partnership of industrial property attorneys, engineers, chemists, physicists and attorneys-at-law, all specialized in the field of industrial property rights, based in the city of Bucharest, Romania.


Romania is a country where tradition in research and pioneer patents is acknowledged in certain technical fields, such as aviation and medicine.

Many of the first flying machines were built and patented by Romanian inventors such as Traian Vuia, Henri Coanda and Aurel Vlaicu.

In medicine, in 1922, Professor Nicolae Paulescu patented the substance to be later called “insulin”, for which the first experiments were had been made as early as 1916.

Should you require patent protection in other countries, we can handle the matter by using our network of qualified patent attorney associates all over the world.

Our experienced team of patent attorneys and scientists can advise and guide you through the entire pre-patenting and patenting process regardless of your area of technology. In the matter of patents we are able to assist and represent Clients in the following areas:

- Acquiring national and European Patents, including opposition proceedings before each competent authority;

- Assistance for the procedure of obtaining Supplementary Protection Certificate;

- Portfolio administration, including annuity payments;

- Qualified technical and juridical translations;

- Patent searches with or without opinion as to the patentability.

- Filing PCT applications including entering national or regional phase

- Licensing Issues.

- Litigation, including patent cancellation and patent infringement.


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